I was capable of …

By | Januari 13, 2019

Hai sahabat semua….artikel kali ini tentang Bahasa Inggris. Beda ya. Bahasannya dalam hal-hal expression, antara lain yaitu expression of preference, expression of capabilities, degree of comparison, pronoun and report speech, dan expression asking and giving direction. Nah, semoga bermanfaat ya.

Expression of Preference.
Expression preference is used when you like something or someone more than another person or thing. Preference use in several patterns:

  1. prefer …… to ……
  2. like …… better than ……
  3. would rather …… than ……
  4. would prefer…… rather than ……


  • I prefer an orange to an apple.
  • Tina like potato better than carrot.
  • She would rather sing a song than dance.
  • They would prefer watching TV rather than using the computer.
  • My mother prefers lemon to orange.
  • She would rather stay home than go shopping.
  • You’d prefer to play ball rather than take a sleep.
  • She likes singing a song better than playing a guitar.
  • She prefers watching TV to listening to the radio.
  • We’d rather play card than play ball.
  • They would prefer to sing rather than dance.
  • They like coffee better than tea.

Expression of Capabilities.
Expression capability is used to state ability to do something. Look at the expression.

1. Showing capability:
– I can/could ……
– I am/was able to ……
– I am/was capable of ……ing
– I am (very) good at ……ing
– I have had a lot of experience ……ing

2. Showing incapability:
– I can’t/couldn’t ……
– I won’t be able to ……
– I am not going to able to ……
– I am/was not able to ……
– I am not sure I can.
– I am/was not capable of ……ing
– I can’t make it on ……
– I am tied up on ……
– I’d like/love to, but I’m afraid I can’t.
– There’s nothing I can do about it.
– There’s no way I can get out of it.
– I can’t get out of it.

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Degree of Comparison.
Comparison is used when compare two or more people or things. There are two parts of comparison.

1.    Equal comparison.

–          My computer is as cheap as yours. (adjective)
–          Dadang plays football as well as his brother. (adverb)


–          Their house is as big as that one.
–          Their house is the same size as that one.

2. Unequal comparison.

Pronoun and Report Speech
Pronoun is a word that is used instead of a noun which has usually already been talked about. Pronoun can be classified into five parts, look at the table below.

–          I learn English everyday. (as a subject)
–          Mr. Iman teaches me English. (as an object)

2.    Reported Speech
Reported Speech is used to report what someone has said, but not using exactly the same words. In reported speech there are three forms:
a. Reported statement
If the sentence starts in the present, there is no backshift of tenses in reported speech.


  • Susan: “I work in an office”.
  • Susan says that she works in an office.

b. Reported command
If you put a command into reported speech there are some steps which are the same like in statement.


  • Father:  “Do your homework”.
  • Father told me to do my homework.

c. Reported question
If you put a question into reported speech there are some steps which are the same like in statement.


  • Pipin: “Do you play badminton?”
  • Pipin asked me whether I played badminton.

Expression Asking and Giving Direction

This expression is used to ask and give direction for someone.


Rony  : Excuse me, could you help me?
Deny  : Yes, sure. What can I do for you?
Rony  : I would like to go to Watu Unggul Handicraft. Can you tell me how to get there?
Deny  : Sure, go up this street until you come to a traffic light, and then turn left. The Watu Unggul Handicraft is on the right side.
Rony  : Okay, thanks.
Deny  : You’re welcome.